By spending one month reading this summer, you can help boys at camp while having fun and earning great prizes!

Reader Information & Forms

To Get Started:

  • Ask family and friends to sponsor your reading efforts. They can either sponsor you per page or give a donation. (See sample solicitation letter). List names and pledges on the Sponsor List form.
  • Collect the books you want to read. You can list them on the Reading List form. (See “What Counts?”)
  • Choose a time frame of 31 consecutive days between May 1 and July 31 for your reading. * You must be finished by July 31, 2022.
  • Read, Read, READ!

What Counts?

  • All types of books: nonfiction, fiction, educational, fun and most importantly your Bible
  • Magazines, church periodicals, etc.
  • Audio books (page count based on printed book)
  • Kindle, iBooks and other e-readers (page counted based on printed book)


All participants receive a t-shirt.
In addition to a t-shirt, gift cards are awarded based on how much money you raised!

  • Category 1: Raised $150 to $300 – $15 Gift Card
  • Category 2: Raised $300 to $600 – $25 Gift Card
  • Category 3: Raised $600 to $1000 – $50 Gift Card
  • Category 4: Raised $1000 to $1500 – $75 Gift Card
  • Category 5: Raised $1500 to $2000 – $100 Gift Card
  • Category 6: Raised $2000 or more – $150 Gift Card

Your choice of gift cards: Amazon, Target, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and Cabela’s

Click here for forms and more information!

Reader Information & Forms