We’re Changing the Rules

You may have recently received a mailing from us about the Read-a-thon. The mailer was designed and prepared for mailing long before the current coronavirus crisis had taken place. In light of recent events, we are making a few rule changes.

  1. Instead of choosing a time frame during June or July, you can start at any time. Many of you may be looking for something for your children to do. They can start reading now! They just need to be finished by July 31, 2020.
  2. The time frame will not be limited to 30 days. You can read as many days as you want, as long as the reading is completed by July 31.

We suggest that you make your sponsors aware of your plans so that they understand what they are committing to.

Reader Information & Forms

By spending one month reading this summer, you can help boys at camp while having fun and earning great prizes!

Here is how it works

  • Ask people you know to sponsor you.
  • Read, Read, Read!
  • Collect the pledges and send them to Fair Play Camp School.
  • Watch the mail for your prizes!

What Counts?

  • All types of books: nonfiction, fiction, educational, fun and most importantly your Bible
  • Magazines, church periodicals, etc.
  • Audio books (page count based on printed book)
  • Kindle, iBooks and other e-readers (page counted based on printed book)


All participants receive a t-shirt.
In addition to a t-shirt, gift cards are awarded based on how much money you raised!

  • Category 1: Raised $150 to $300 – $15 Gift Card
  • Category 2: Raised $300 to $600 – $25 Gift Card
  • Category 3: Raised $600 to $1000 – $50 Gift Card
  • Category 4: Raised $1000 to $1500 – $75 Gift Card
  • Category 5: Raised $1500 to $2000 – $100 Gift Card
  • Category 6: Raised $2000 or more – $150 Gift Card

Your choice of gift cards: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chick-fil-a, Target, Hobby Lobby, and Cabela’s

Click here for forms and more information!

Reader Information & Forms