Hudson with his mother and father
Going Home; The Journey Continues

Before a boy comes to camp, family workers conduct multiple visits with his family to help prepare them for the journey at camp. During camp, they stay closely involved with the family, keeping them informed of his progress and helping them prepare for their son’s return home after graduation.

For most families, the real work starts when their son graduates and returns home. They have seen great progress while he was at camp, and he returns home with the tools he needs to lead a successful life. But a boy’s return to home, school, and normal life can create some difficult challenges. How do they maintain and then build on the growth that he experienced at camp? How is camp personnel involved in that part of the journey?

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Carlos and Tamela, parents of a former camper, along with their family worker, Phil, to discuss their journey since their son returned home a few months ago.

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About Fair Play Camp School

Fair Play Camp School, Inc. is located in Oconee County in upstate South Carolina. Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this property of over 500 acres is graced with several creeks and a huge variety of plants and animals. This camp has become a sanctuary for many boys over the years. We work with boys from ages 8 to 15, who are experiencing behavioral and/or emotional problems and who agree to placement because they have a desire to change.

Fair Play Camp School’s primary objective is to teach boys life skills. Our approach to helping a boy change his behavior is to develop internal controls and character.

About Fair Play Boys' Camp

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At Fair Play Camp School, our desire is to build a partnership with the families and agencies of the boys we work, with the goal of seeing families reunified and damaged relationships restored.



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Thank you for making it possible for boys and their families to experience hope and healing. You are making a difference! We continue to need your help with equipping boys for life!



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