About Fair Play Boys' Camp

Nature Provides a Place for Transformation

Fair Play Camp School, Inc. is located in upstate South Carolina. With over 500 acres, the outdoor setting provides countless opportunities to teach, explore, experience adventure and promote a sense of well-being and tranquility through outdoor therapy.

Camp is for boys, ages 8 to 15, who are experiencing behavior/emotional problems and agree to placement because of a desire to change. They live in one of the four campsites which is home to ten boys and two counselors, who are called “chiefs.” The average length of stay is 18 months. The combination of mentoring by a chief and positive peer pressure from a group leaves a lifelong impact on a boy. The structure of camp provides a safe place for a boy to begin to put his life together.

Equipping Boys for Life

Taking Responsibility

The first rule of camp is “to do everything with a good attitude.” Boys learn to take responsibility for how they treat others, react to situations they don’t like and accept the consequences of their choices. The impact of their actions on others– either for good or bad – is seen every day. Camp provides a loving and caring atmosphere where a boy can admit his mistake, take responsibility for it, and learn how to act differently in the future.

Taking responsibility
Living together cutting firewood

Living Together

The second rule of camp is “to do everything together as a group.” These groups are like a family where boys learn to respect, love and care for each other. Each day’s activities are planned together under the supervision of the chief. Any problem that arises is solved with input from everyone. This group philosophy fosters a spirit of belonging and togetherness.

Learning Life Skills

Boys learn skills that they will use throughout their life. Along with practical skills like building and cooking, they learn how to live productively and relationally in society. The problem-solving skills learned at camp have helped keep many campers out of trouble and enabled them to live successful lives.

Power of the gospel

The Power of the Gospel

Preparing boys to become productive members of society is a significant part of our program. Even more importantly, we want to introduce them to Jesus. Our desire is to use biblical principles, unconditional love and the gospel to help them realize that real heart change can only come through a relationship with God.

Life-Changing Character

Camp opens the opportunity for life change that will impact boys and their families for years to come. Shane, reflecting on his experience at Camp 15 years ago, commented, “I didn’t take it real seriously at the time. But looking back, I realize that if I hadn’t went to camp, I would now probably be either in jail or dead. Camp helped me get my life on track.”

Committed to each boy's growth fishing stream

Committed to Each Boy’s Growth

The staff meets together weekly to discuss how camp is progressing. They are committed to the growth of each individual boy and discover ways to make that possible no matter how difficult the situation.

Together, We are Making a Difference

It takes all of us to help a boy through this journey. The boy himself needs to be committed to change. The support of his parents is very crucial. Chiefs give guidance and direction on a daily basis. Other staff provides support to the chiefs and keeps the families informed. You and many other supporters provide the prayers and finances to make it all possible.