I didn’t know what to do or how to cope!

Family worker Josh encourages a family during families day

But my family worker gave me hope that my son could change.

“I was very discouraged,” Nancy* recalls. “My son would get extremely angry and had total disrespect for me. It was heartbreaking to see the contention and strife between him and his brothers.” 

“I didn’t know what to do or how to cope with the situation,” she continued. “I felt alone. Others didn’t understand what I was going through. We desperately needed help.” 

Nancy learned about Fair Play from friends whose son had attended camp. “I had confidence that it was a good place because it is Christ-centered,” she said. “I had hope that it would be a good experience for us.”  She contacted camp, and Josh, her family worker, visited their home.

The First Visit 

“I quickly realized that Josh understood what we were going through,” she commented. “My son initially resisted meeting with him, but Josh persisted and they slowly began to build a relationship. He was able to connect with my son by walking the trails in our woods and sharing other outdoor interests.” 

The decision was made, and the wait began. At times, I wondered if we would make it. During this time, God increased my faith by showing me that his timing is perfect.” 

Her family worker kept her going 

When Nancy finally dropped her son off at camp, she felt a mixture of sadness and relief. “I felt sad to drive away without him, and relief that he was finally getting the help he needed.” 

“If there is a singular thing that’s made camp workable for me, it has been Josh,” she said. “He told me what to expect. He answered my questions. He’s been at our side through the whole camp journey.” 

“We talk almost every week,” she continues. “He listens to my concerns. He gives me updates about my son. He’s been like a friend and advisor through the process. I feel like I can call him at any time, and I appreciate that very much!”

Working through problems 

“One weekend he refused to return to camp after home visit,” she said. “He was upset about some things that had happened in his group. Josh convinced him to return. When we arrived at camp, Josh, his chiefs, and several supervisors circled up with him to talk through the issues. It was great for me to experience camp in action. My son felt validated, and that he had been heard.” 

Hope for the future

“Our camp journey has been going on for more than a year now,” Nancy continues. “I am understanding my son better, and I can see changes in his attitudes and responses. The one desire that I have for my son is that he be surrendered and devoted to Jesus.” 

When asked what she thought life would be like without camp, she responded, “I don’t even want to think about it!” 

“I’m so thankful because there is no way that I could have afforded camp on my own,” she said. “I deeply appreciate the people who are covering the cost for my son to be at Fair Play. I can only pay a tiny portion of the cost. I am so thankful that we were able to participate in the camp journey.”

“Thanks to all of you who generously gave to make camp possible for us. We are so thankful!”

* not her real name